• One Kashware
    for all your
    Credit Cards

    Connect all your payment methods into a single user experience that works everywhere!


    kashware kard

    World's 1st true all in one card

    World's 1st true all in one card


    Your money is scattered between multiple debit cards, credit cards, mobile wallets, bank accounts, cryptocurrencies, etc. Kashware brings them all together into a single platform that works everywhere!

    You can manage all your payments, spendings, accounts and more from a single card connected to one app within a unified ecosystem.


    Your credit cards don’t work on UPI QR codes, your wallet can’t be used on a credit card terminal, your wallets cant be used Amazon, Flipkart, etc. With our patent technology our products work everywhere! ALL card machines, ALL QR Codes and ALL websites. So all your money is now usable everywhere.

    Carry all your cards, behind your phone

    Kashware Smartstand


    with Smartstand

    While Kashware Kard brings all your money into one card, our exclusive technologies allows your to go even beyond.With our 6 technology our devices can contactless communicate with any card machine across the globe - without using NFC , WiFi , Bluetooth or sound. No special machines needed , no special upgrades.

    It works everywhere like magic

    Kashware Smartstand

    Get the power of Kashware behind your smartphone. With a smartstand attached to the back of your phone, it becomes a smarter phone! It protects it from falls, makes it easier to use your phone with one hand for calls & selfies and acts as a stand to watch videos or dock your phone on a desk. Plus, it's a Kashware so it connects to all your money and makes it usable everywhere. Just take it near any card machine and see it magically making payments!

    It's simple,secured and smart.


    Best way to pay

    get the best payment method based on offers, rewards, cashback for each payment

    No reloading

    Unlike a wallet or a debit card, there's no need to refill or top up your kashware kard!

    Sort your finance

    Get spending information from all your accounts & cards in a single app

    Your travel buddy

    for metro trains, public transport, access cards, tolls, etc

    Custom spending

    based on usage, preference, transaction amount or even location


    lets you combine multiple accounts for a single payment